Youth Cancer

Taking Care of Yourself

Staying healthy takes work. When you have cancer, it's obvious that you need to look after yourself and everyone will try and make sure that you do.

Taking care of your body

Your body needs the right fuel to keep it going.

If you start to skip meals or don't get enough sleep your brain can get that foggy feeling and it just makes everything else harder to deal with.

A good starting point is to:

  • Eat well throughout the day
  • Get enough sleep
  • Get regular exercise
  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol
  • Take time out to relax and unwind
  • Talk to your doctor when you are not feeling well


Taking care of your mind

What goes on in your head can have a huge impact on happens in your body. Stress does weird stuff to you, so taking care of your mind is really important.

A good starting point is to:

  • Learn how to relax
  • Take time to chill with your friends
  • Deal with the smaller things so that you don't spend time and energy worrying about them
  • Talk to people about how you are feeling
  • Write your thoughts and feelings down
  • Laugh
  • Find others who are in the same situation and understand what you're going through