Youth Cancer

Going Back for Check-Ups

Unfortunately, going back regularly for scans and tests are part of surviving cancer. Once your treatment has finished, you will still need to have regular check ups with your oncologist or doctor.

  • These appointments allow them to keep an eye on you and to pick up on any problems or changes caused by treatment. They will tell you how often to come in – at first it will be very frequent, perhaps every few weeks or months.
  • Eventually you will only need to come in about once a year.

What happens?

What happens at these check ups will depend on how your treatment went and what kind of cancer you had.

  • It might involve some of the scans and tests that you had during treatment, and questions about your physical health.
  • You might also be asked about your emotional and mental health.
  • It's okay in these appointments to talk about any problems or concerns you have in other areas of your life.

Remember: if you feel like you need to see the doctor in-between your scheduled appointments, contact them and they will see you sooner if necessary.

Do I have to?

  • Going back to hospital for check ups can be very scary. It might remind you of when you first found out you had cancer, or you might be afraid of relapse or recurrence.
  • These fears are common, however, it is very important that you still turn up for appointments.
  • It can also be irritating and inconvenient, especially if you have to travel a long distance to the hospital. You may even find that your parents are more nervous than you are.
  • You may get annoyed with their concern, but just remember that this time can remind them of the helplessness they felt while you were undergoing treatment.