Youth Cancer

Life at Home

Things at home might change slightly when you have cancer.

Practical things that you didn't think about before might become an issue now. Like - have I really just had to move back home?

  • There tends to be a big focus on how cancer affects your feelings but let's not forget that it can also shake up your everyday life.
  • Roles and routines change and it’s not always easy to plan ahead for these things.
  • When you're sick you lose your ability to do things independently and will have to rely on your family or friends to help you out.
  • This can be pretty frustrating and difficult to accept, especially if it's small things you took for granted like getting around, making a snack or something as simple as having a shower.

Your home itself might have changed

  • Perhaps you had to move back in with your parents, or maybe the house is looking different these days (empty fridge, laundry piling up and threatening to take over the rest of the house).
  • On the other hand the hospital is probably becoming like your second home.
  • Dealing with all these changes can be really hard (as if dealing with the emotional and medical stuff wasn't enough). You can start to feel frustrated, isolated, guilty and depressed.
  • If you feel like you're struggling, talk to your family, friends or local support services and try find solutions to help you cope.

Don't forget that you need some time for yourself

You deserve to have a bit of time "away from it all" and it's important for you to enjoy yourself and try to have a bit of fun sometimes.