Youth Cancer

Sports and Hobbies

Keeping yourself occupied with the things that you love to do is a great way of coping, as it helps you to relieve stress and enjoy yourself.

  • If you are experiencing fatigue or physical and emotional ill-health, you may find it harder to participate in these activities.
  • Some young people living with cancer find that they have to make some adjustments in their level of participation.
  • This doesn't mean that you have to stop altogether but you may need to take it easy with how often and how hard you participate.


Aside from the physical benefits of being active, there are mental benefits too. This may also be a good time to try out a new stress-releasing technique like yoga, tai chi, meditation or boxing!

Remember: Even if you're not at the same level you were at before cancer, that doesn't mean you never will be. Just give it time and keep trying.