Youth Cancer


An audiogram is a test which evaluates your hearing. If your treatment plan includes the drug cisplatinum, you will probably have a number of audiograms, as hearing loss one of its possible side effects.

You’ll probably have a baseline test done prior to starting the drug, and then periodically throughout your treatment. If you notice any change in your hearing, be sure to tell your medical team.

What’s it like?

The audiogram is usually performed in a soundproof room, and this is how it progresses:
  • Your ears are checked for any blockages like ear wax.
  • You put on a pair of headphones.
  • Each ear is tested: one at a time. You'll hear different sounds (like musical notes) at different volumes and pitches. Each time you hear the sound, you have to raise your hand to let the audiologist know that you can hear it.

This is done over and over again until you can no longer hear anything. Then the other ear is tested.

They will then test your hearing against what your baseline was.