Youth Cancer


Youth Cancer Services are specialised treatment and support services for young people with cancer aged 15-25 (the age range is flexible in some States).

It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia there is a Youth Cancer Service that can help you. Check out the map to find the service closest to you.

What are the Services

Youth Cancer Services are based in hospitals around Australia and offer treatment and support to young people with cancer. They are the only place in Australia to access cancer care designed specifically for young people aged 15-25.

Each Youth Cancer Service has a variety of staff experienced in treating and caring for young people with a range of different cancers. Staff at the services can include: doctors, nurses, care navigators, social workers, leisure therapists and more (the fancy name for this group of staff is a ‘Multi-Disciplinary Team’).

Why access a Youth Cancer Service?

Each Youth Cancer Service is staffed by experts who are experienced in working with people your age and offer an environment specifically designed for your age group.