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Youth Cancer Service


The Youth Cancer Services, provide specialist, age-appropriate treatment and support for young cancer patients aged 15 - 25. Youth Cancer Services receive federal funding through CanTeen as well as state and territory government funding.

Five (5) lead services based in tertiary hospitals in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth work collaboratively with over 20 hospitals and health services across the states and territories to provide equitable access for all AYA’s to best practice, age-appropriate care.


Service Framework

The YCS provides young patients with:

  • Specialist Care: Access to a qualified team of medical and allied health professionals with experience in treating cancer in young people;
  • Multidisciplinary Teams: Treatment that is planned and managed by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals;
  • Fertility Preservation: Access to fertility preservation information and treatment options;
  • Clinical Trials & Research: Gold standard treatment protocols that have been clinically trialled with young people and access to new clinical trials and research;
  • Psychosocial Care & Support: Age-appropriate psychosocial support throughout treatment and assistance to transition back to family, community, school and/or work, when treatment ends;
  • Respect: Treatment and support that recognises and values individual diversity.
  • Youth-friendly Environments: Treatment and support is delivered in youth appropriate environments.



National - The YCS is governed at a national level by a Strategic Advisory Group comprised of lead Australian cancer specialists, researchers, health economists and business leaders. This group is supported and informed by a National Research Advisory Group and a National Dataset Advisory Group. At the heart of YCS governance is a National Youth Advisory Group consisting of 12 young people who have had a diagnosis of cancer. This group consults on all aspects of service development, delivery and evaluation, ensuring that the unique needs of young cancer patients are understood and met.

State - At a jurisdictional level a Steering Committee of representatives from health services, state health departments, nongovernment organisations and the local YCS team govern the provision of state/territory-wide services. The Steering Committee is supported and informed by a Youth Advisory Group representing their local patient group. Linking the jurisdictional services to the national administration is the National Leadership Group, a team of Lead Clinicians and Service Managers from the five lead YCS sites. This group is facilitated by CanTeen and the YCS National Program and Service Managers.

National Priorities

  • Raising awareness of cancers that occur in adolescents and young adults (AYA) and their treatment
  • Consistent, best-practice clinical care
  • Capacity building and professional development for the YCS workforce
  • Credentialing for AYA clinicians
  • Increased research on cancer priority areas and improved participation by young cancer patients
  • Improved collection, management and analysis of a National AYA dataset
  • Sustainable service provision
  • Establishing a strong evidence base for clinical work and national programs
  • Developing and promoting the use of three clinical guidelines: Psychosocial care, Fertility preservation and Early Detection of AYA cancer by GPs
  • Holding a YCS International AYA Oncology Congress and Youth Summit in December 2015
  • Measuring and tracking reach of services and activity to ensure optimal service development