Youth Cancer


What is cancer? What is chemotherapy? Will my hair fall out?

With cancer comes so many questions. We don’t have all the answers but it’s a good place to start. You can find out about different types of cancers, test, treatments, ways to cope with cancer and much much more.

We know info about cancer is important, because other young people with cancer have told us.

Everything here has been written in consultation with professionals who have experience working with young people who have cancer. Plus young people themselves help us with all our info….so you know it’s good!

Cancer Types

Find out more about what cancer is. Plus detailed info on the many different types of cancer.

Cancer Types

There is a confusing world of tests, treatments and side-effects involved with cancer. Understand them here.

Dealing with Stuff

Read about some ways to help cope with the emotions and feelings cancer brings up.


Hospitals can feel strange and overwhelming places. Get a heads up about what to expect.

Living with Cancer

School, work, uni, TAFE, life…it all keeps going despite cancer. Here’s some practical ways to keep up with life outside of cancer.

Beyond Cancer

The physical and emotional effects of cancer can last beyond treatment. Find out more.