Youth Cancer

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For further information on Youth Cancer Services please download our media resources and case studies or contact Angus Edwards on (02) 9007 0219 or Kerry Kalcher for media opportunities on 0405 283 352.

Young people and their families

Cancer in adolescents and young adults is rare - about 3 young people aged 15-25 years are diagnosed each day in Australia. Cancer in this age group can be difficult to diagnose because the signs can be very similar to other more common medical problems. To be concerned, the following symptoms must be persistent and unexplained.

Knowing the early warning signs can help. Find out more

There are a few resources to help you and get the word out to your school newsletter, local newspaper or other:


Health professionals

During 2013-14, 55% of adolescent and young adults newly diagnosed with cancer and needing hospital treatment, were treated through the Youth Cancer Services (YCS’). YCS’ provide specialised multi-disciplinary cancer care and treatment for 15 to 25 year olds, throughout Australia. Cancer in this age group is difficult to diagnose as its so rare.

There are five Youth Cancer Services, involving at least 19 hospitals nationally. Young people can access a full range of cancer care designed specifically for young people from medical treatment, counselling, allied health, access to fertility preservation, clinical trials, educational and vocational support.

Early recognition and diagnosis will help ensure that more young people have early access to the best course of treatment available in the event they are diagnosed with cancer.

There are a few resources to help you with diagnosing and communicating with your young patients:


Case studies

Read about the stories of young cancer patients and how being treated through the Youth Cancer Service has made a difference.